रात के सन्नाटे को चीरती हुई खामोशी आज ख्वाबों से कुछ कहना चाहती थी । प्रेमचंद के उपन्यासों को समझे हुए मन और समय के संग चल रहे मन में मानो कोई द्वंद हो रहा हो। मैंने झकझोरते हुए खुद को ख्यालों से आजाद किया । मगर गरीबी की जो रेखा खींची थी मेरे मन पर उसे मिटाना आसान नहीं था । बार-बार एक ही ख्याल लंबी सङके अपने अनंत होने के गुमान में चूर थी और उसपे चलने वालो के हौसले प्रेमचंद से शायद मेल खाते थे । कोई प्रेमी भी इश्क में इस कदर ना बर्बाद हुआ होगा जैसे इस महामारी ने हौसलों को परास्त किया था । मेरे मन में रह-रह कर हूक उठती थी ।कुछ कहना था किसी से और कह ही ना सकी थी । खैर रात का तिलिस्म ही कुछ ऐसा होता है जब मन के जज्बात नहीं सो पाते हैं । तिस पर से lockdown के बढने की खबर ने और बेचैनी बढा दी । जो सोचा था वो तो हुआ नहीं और जिंदगी मानो बोझ बनकर पैर पसारे ही चली जा रही है । दिन गुजर रहे थे वक्त बीत रहा था मगर मुझे ये बीतता हुआ वक्त नहीं चाहिए था । उस रोज से खुद की फिक्र होने लगी । हाय क्या सचमुच में मैं खुद को नहीं समझती या बस नजरअंदाज करती आ रही हूँ । जो मैं हूँ,मेरे सपने है,मेरी सोच है वास्तव में कितने मेरे है ।

मैंने निश्चय किया क्यों ना खुद से जान पहचान की जाए।

तब सवाल उठा कितना जाना जाए? मुझे अपनी पसंद,नापसंद मालूम है,कब गुस्सा आता है,कब खुशी मिलती है,जीवन का aim क्या है मेरी strategies क्या है और किनके साथ comfortable हूँ भी मालूम है । तो फिर क्या जानना बाकी रह गया और क्यों । क्या ये अच्छा नहीं जैसे चल रही है जिंदगी चलने दू । क्या पता कोई अतीत का जख्म निकल जाए । खुद को जानना शायद नासूर कुरेदने जैसा ना हो जाये ।

लेकिन ये नासूर अगर वक्त रहते ना कटा तो असहाय हो जाएगा । फिर भी मेरी नजर में कुछ ऐसा नहीं था जो समझना बाकी रह गया हो । हाँ बेबाकी से अपनी बात रखने वाली आदत ने उदंड होने का ठप्पा जरूर लगा दिया था ।मगर मैं भी जिद्दी थी जहाँ बात अटपटी लगी उठ खङी हुई ।फिर चाहे सामने अपने हो या पराये ।खैर इसके किस्से इतने है कि फिर ना मुझे खुद को जानने का समय मिलेगा ना आपसे बात करने का,और कहीं आप टूट ही ना जाओ।इसलिए ना जानना ही अच्छा है ।

The story will be continued…. but it is really important for all of us to know ourselves

What we want,how we think and who we are ??

Keep reading this स्वयं की तलाश में 👣

Our swachhta mission needs reform

There is a proverb in English “I say let the world go to hell,but I should always have my tea”.This proverb completely fits on our mentality about how we see cleanliness or what we expect from swachhta. In our daily life we often see instances like somebody sweeps their houses neatly and throw the garbage into near by pond,sewage or burn it. We also sees houses with unhygienic people or their habits. At the same time we encounter with people,houses or societies which seems so clean . But are they really on the top of our swachhta parameter or merely we can say that all that glitters is not gold. However they know how to dispose waste material,maintain cleanliness in household chores and others. Somehow the gadgets they are using or the lifestyle they are following is something which emits the huge amount of chlorofluorocarbons and HCFC. We can’t ignore the fact that pollution leads to aswachhta. Improper disposal of e-waste is going to be next menace for the world and this chemical trap is inducing us to jump into the sludge. So what we need to do is to limit our desires .We need to change our lifestyle to a chemical free world. 


Environment includes physical,chemical and other natural forces where all living species constantly interact with each other and non living things. Therefore humans have a moral obligation to protect,safeguard and promote the environment for sustainable growth and development. In recent years human activities can be directly attributed to the cause of hundreds of extinctions and damaging the physical environment by over population, pollution( air,water,soil )deforestation,increased carbon concentrations in the air etc. Though we all are aware about environmental problems and there significance . So we need to protect the environment and understand the consequences of environmental degradation. Therefore india after independence has launched a number of policies to safeguard the environment like Energy conservation act 2001, National mission for enhanced energy efficiency 2010,national mission for electric nobility 2011, neem coating of urea policy 2015. Also india is part of four negotiating blocs at International Climate talks known as Paris Pledge. It was found that GHG emissions in 2015 stood at 3,571 m tonnes of CO2 equivalent and we can say emission increased over threefold since 1970. Therefore India ratified the Paris agreement on 2nd October 2016 for a 33-35% reduction in emission associated with each unit of economic output by 2030. While talking about the current environment situation one in every 8th death is due to air pollution. The quality of food is degrading due to excessive use of fertilizer also india is suffering from water scarcity due to dirtier water reserves,Industrialisation and lack of planning &policies. Harrowing report shows that capital of india Delhi along with twenty more state is going to the zone of zero ground water in coming years. Excessive use of appliances,motor vehicles and burning of fossil fuels is leading to increase in temperature and melting of Himalayan glaciers and changes to monsoon,which is badly affecting living species as well as crop cycle . Recent study shows that agriculture is responsible for 16% of India’s GHG emissions. Of which 74% due to methane produced from livestock and rice cultivation. Remaining 26% comes from nitrous oxide emitted from fertilizers

The recent Covid 19 crisis has revealed that how it is boon for the environment and bane for the humanity. As some environmentalist has pointed out that the response to the current crisis has reduced emissions and air pollution in short term. When we scale down energy uses and industrial production it does have these ecological benefits but the crucial thing to observe is that is happening in an unplanned,chaotic and is hurting the people lives. So what we need to do is take action to protect our environment. The excessive use of vehicles can be reduced or replaced with e-vehicle ,unnecessary industrialisation can be shut down and our extra desire need to be stopped. However with the present threat improper disposal of e- waste is going to be next menace.

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